Avatara® MultiSense Flooring made in Germany, a treat for all the senses.


Taking the time to find the right flooring for your home or office is important, it’s a big decision. Plus, the floor you decide to buy will be around for a while, so it’s good to think about your new floor as a long-term investment.

As the exclusive UK supplier for Avatara® MultiSense Flooring from Germany, if you are thinking of a new floor we would like to explain some of the unique qualities of this range of man-made wood floor from ter Hürne.

Perfect for the office workspace and at home, Avatara® MultiSense Floor is the industry leader for man-made wood floor products offering a huge range of styles and colours to match a wide range of design needs and budgets.

Avatara is high tech and a treat for the eyes.

A one of a kind man-made wood flooring, manufactured by ter Hürne a German family owned business from the Münster region who have dedicated themselves for over fifty years to creating the highest standards in quality flooring.

The Avatara floor design and finish owes its unique appeal to inspirations from nature combined with the latest in floor production technology.

Unlike other types of flooring, the decorative image of the MultiSense-Floor® is printed digitally directly on to the baseboard. The baseboard has already gone through a number of stages covering micro-levelling, primer and base coating in readiness for the final stage of production.

High-definition quality

The use of high definition printing technology enables a significantly more precise printed image to be reproduced, made up of more than a million colours.

The result is an extremely accurate representation of the original natural material – especially if you compare it to the processes used on laminate or vinyl flooring, where the image is printed on a separate paper and then pressed onto the core.

The final surface layer applied consists of a special polymer coating that produces a high tactile finish – amazing to the touch.

The coating is transparent and lets the realistic printed image be seen without muting the colour brilliance of the surface on the planks.

The production process allows for different embossing patterns, and the matt polymer finish provides for an authentic touch. It makes it feel warm and noticeably quieter underfoot, great for your room acoustics.

A treat for all the senses

The Avatara range is a MultiSense-Floor®  it is odourless and wonderful to look at with its authentic image reproduction and soft to touch and walk on – just like the real thing.

The planks incorporate slight elasticity, which absorbs each and every footstep and creates a comfortable walking sensation.

The Avatara man-made made wood floors can also take the punishment, flooring as one of the most used work surfaces in our home is expected to endure and still look beautiful.

Avatara gets its extraordinary resilience from its robust and light elastic polymer layer, and all the floors have a swell-resistant HDF baseboard with maximum moisture resistance. This resilience is guaranteed with the manufacturer’s thirty-year warranty.

The Avatara range excels in everyday use and ensures the high value of your floor is sustained.

Health and wellbeing

Our home is not only our castle, it must be a place of healthy well-being, helping us sustain the quality of life that we want.

All Avatara MultiSense-Floors® undergoes a stringent environmental assessment from the renowned eco-Institut to measure its impact on the environment to ensure that the products remain under the permissible limits and emission levels.

A number of the Avatara options have been designed to recreate traditional installation patterns. Different species of wood can be perfectly reproduced, along with the characteristic appearance of older floors.

Nature imperfections are re-created by introducing manually hand scraped imperfections into the floor panels during the manufacturing process.

Easy installation and maintenance

Avatara floors also offer flexibility when it comes to installing them, enabling you to create the design that fits the style you are looking for. Easy to install as a DIY project the flooring can be laid in traditional fashion or in a modern pattern.

The patented CLICKitEASY connection with its ingenious door-lock principle locks the planks securely and easily just like a door lock and with an integral underlay its suitable for warm water underfloor heating systems aswell.​

ter Hürne’s advanced technology creates the most realistic of designs that is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Read more about the Avatara man-made wood floor range and don’t forget to contact us to request your free sample.

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