Choose Irongray Engineered Oak Flooring for Subtle Intrigue

Irongray Engineered Oak Real wooden Floor London Stock 190mm

Engineered oak flooring is a popular choice for durability and cost concerns, but many people overlook the aesthetic nuances that are only achievable through engineered wooden floors. A great example of this is the “irongray” engineered oak flooring, a two-toned wood finish that produces elegant, yet subtle intrigue for your rooms.

The Finish is Everything for Engineered Oak Flooring

With engineered oak flooring, the finish is what you will see, the “engineering” part of the floor is just the sturdy durability you receive. Irongray is unique in that the finish is actually a wash of two contrasting colors that are paired with one another to be aesthetically pleasing. The colors are oil-based and typically produce a “sea-washed” final finish.

Sea-washed finishes on engineered oak flooring make your floor look aged and sophisticated, as if the ocean has been washing over a piece of flotsam or driftwood for centuries. This brings out unique colors that are at the essence of the wood. The livelier iron color resembles the wood in its “live” form while the faded “gray” color of the wood brings stability and elegance to the finish.

The result is a nuanced subtlety that is unmatched in natural or engineered oak flooring. Both engaging and relaxing at the same time, irongray engineered oak flooring makes a perfect choice for homeowners who don’t want your typical wooden floors. Plus, the two-toned finish gives you tons of flexibility in your decorating, allowing you to match colors to the gray and the iron sections of the floor. You can even pull out more contrasting natural tones to create a visually stunning room that is steeped in subtlety but still packs a punch.

Further, irongray engineered oak flooring is perfect for underfloor heating, making it a pragmatic choice for London homes and apartments. For more information on pricing and fitting, click here irongray engineered oak flooring right now and get the quality engineered oak flooring from London wooden floor professionals.

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