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man made wood floor

Avatara® The authentic man-made wood flooring from Germany

Avatara floors are manufactured by ter Hurne near Münster West Germany - a unique flooring maker. This compressed wood Floor provides nature’s charm with the latest innovations in the flooring industry, providing each of their customer’s a one of a kind floor that can’t be replicated anywhere in the world. Made in Germany, enjoyed by consumers worldwide, this compressed wood flooring has a durability that is guaranteed by a thirty-yearwarranty, will never need sanding (yet repairable), and is among the healthiest flooring available on the market with its antibacterial properties. Perfect for commercial and domestic use, Avatara® intelligent Flooring is the industry leader offering a variety of styles and colours.

This contemporary floor finish is designed to create a sensational experience, is aesthetically pleasing, and is durable enough to handle high traffic areas everyday. Allow all of your senses to enjoy elegance and a healthier environment with Avatara compressed wood Flooring. Creating a natural, cozy look for your home is simple with Avatara® Flooring. The visual appeal of our floors are second to none, regardless of the style you are looking for, you will find it here. Our state of the floors provides that fresh, clean look that you have been searching for.

Made to Be Experienced Avatara®

Beauty and quality have never been so perfectly matched. Avatara® floors provide the essence of nature, that will please the most sophisticated decorator. Our state of the art designs will add charm and warmth to every room in your home. Developed to withstand everyday wear and tear, the most active toddler will not be able to damage the smooth and lustrous surface. Our talented experts have developed styles that will appeal to the fashion sense of today’s mature and active women. We will even send you a free sample to help you decide which of our products will make your home look beautiful.

ter Hürne Synonymous with Quality

For over fifty years, terHürne, a German family-owned business with its roots based in the Münster region, has continually set unsurpassed standards in hardwood flooring creating renewable, healthier floors that are designed to last and add beauty to every room in your home or office. Drawing inspiration from nature and combining it with their zeal, ingenious ideas, and mastery of design they proudly create the latest designs and carefully cultivated technology while maximizing our resources efficiency, they guarantee that a proper balance between nature and industry is kept.

terHürne flooring products are well-known for the high-quality flooring that appeal to those who have the most discerning taste and expect quality in everything they purchase. For many, flooring is the most crucial element of their living and working spaces, it is a statement about who they are, what they like, and their demand for uniqueness and self-expression.


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FSC® and PEFC™- Certified Company

ter Hürne understands the delicate balance between preserving natural resources and our need to use them. By using sustainable economic and resource saving trade as a part of their daily operations, they have great measures to guarantee that nature’s resources will not be deplenished.

Environmentally Responsible

The materials used by ter Hurne come directly from nature’s bounty, understanding the enormous responsibility that comes along with using those resources they make sure that their practices are environmentally friendly by;

  • Ensuring that all the materials they use come from an environmentally sound origin

  • Choosing short transport routes when picking their materials

  • Performing tests that ensure that the materials they use are safe to use in your home and around your family

Healthier Flooring, Healthier Home

Not only have their expert designers created an antibacterial floor, they found a way to create an odourless one for the four-legged members of your family! Understanding that a clean home leads to a healthier environment and family, your home’s flooring is not an exception to this rule. Flooring plays a key role in the quality of air in the room(s) it is installed, finding the perfect floor for your space that can provide health, well-being, and a higher quality of life is possible with Avatara MultiSense Flooring. Because terHürne takes this responsibility seriously, they continually participate in avoluntary external auditing process by the highly esteemed eco-Institut. Meeting the exacting standards to receive certification from the eco-Institut far exceeds the existing legal requirements that must be met, because terHürne is dedicated to the environment and the quality of their flooring their products are tested for low emissions that are required for healthy homes, consistently earning certification since their flooring always scores well below the permitted pollution limits.

The impressive special qualities of the MultiSense-Boden® floor are also confirmed in theOctober 2014 edition of Öko Test, the consumer product testing magazine. In the test for alternative floor coverings, our Maple sand beige Design1361 in 2 strip format achieved the overallrating of ‘very good’.”

Unsurpassed Beauty

Using terHürne’s latest production technology they have been able to design a one of a kind floor finish that has a natural appeal that is second to none. The MultiSense ornamental image is printed on the baseboard using digital technology that has replaced the traditional method of micro-levelling, primer, and base coating, creating a refined texture while enhancing the natural beauty of nature. The special polymer coating adds the perfect finishing touch to the flooring, resulting in complete transparency, that enhances the printed image without losing the vibrant colour(s).

Endeavoring to capture nature at its best in every form and colour, the Avatara-Floor replicates each detail perfectly including the changing shades of colour and the find cracks, knots, and graining that is found in wood naturally. This is the defining difference between Avatara and traditional laminate and vinyl flooring. During their production, rollers are used to make their designs, as a result, the same design repeats itself at regular intervals appearing again and again. It’s by terHürne’s use of the latest in digital printing technology they can duplicate nature’s naturally occurring designs in the floors allowing them a much greater range of designing options and features. This allows them to create designs that others cannot, taking great care to use the characteristics of nature such as knots and colouring that combine to create a surface that has a unique effect when laid.

Soft and Smooth

The Avatara® Floor’s surface finish is comprised of continuous layer of polymer that provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere while improving the acoustics in the room. It has a slight elasticity that allows it to provide a pleasant walking experience while absorbing the sounds of footsteps. The majority of the Avatara range have an impactsound backing that is perfectly matched to the MultiSense-Floor®.

This high-quality backing reduces impact noise byabout 18 dB and adds to walking comfort.

The majority of the Avatara range have an impactsound backing that is perfectly matched to the MultiSense-Floor®.This high-quality backing reduces impact noise by about 18 dB and adds to walking comfort.”

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Resistance that Lasts

Floors undergo more stress and traffic than any other part of your home, finding a floor that can meet those tough demands can sometimes be challenging. Avatara® Floors are made from the best quality materials available today, it the special surface that makes it strong, durable that are equipped with swell-resistant HDF baseboards that have the maximum moisture resistance. For parents who have children that love to play sports, athletic footwear no longer needs to be a concern, it’s so durable that those cleats won’t leave an unsightly mark that inevitably draws your eye reminding you of its existence every time you walk into your room.

Texture Authenticity

Avatara MultiSense Flooring is available in five different textures;

  1. Hand-scraped

  2. Register embossed/Deep pore structure

  3. Deep pore structure

  4. Softly brushed

  5. Softly sanded

Each texture highlights woods natural lines and knots in a unique fashion that allows everyone to enjoy nature’s beauty in the privacy of their home or office. Creating the look and feel that they are looking for in their environment fostering a well-being that other flooring is not capable of providing.

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Each Plank Has a Character of Its Own

The technology used has redefined hardwood floors into technologically advanced flooring that is unique, durable and elegant. It has created the perfect system to highlight cracks, knot holes, and pores that occur naturally in the wood’s surface. This highlights the wood’s natural elements further enhancing its authenticity, providing a rustic, unique design in each plank. Each piece’s uniqueness is further evident once they are brushed and naturally oiled bringing out unseen designs and a durability that has never been experience before. If your tastes lean towards a less rustic look, browse the variety of textures that are currently available.

Multiple options

Avatara® Floors also offer different options to have them installed so you can create the design that fits the style you are looking for. The installation techniques allow the flooring to be laid in traditional fashion or in a modern pattern if you prefer. Avatara also offers perfect replicas of historic flooring patterns, their technology has developed a straightforward way marry technology with authentic representation including the charming imperfections that are found in nature.

Multiple Layers for a Better Experience

The Avatara MultiSense Floor contains eight layers;

  • Impact Sound Insulation (Bottom or Eighth Layer)

  • Rear side acrylic impregnation, waterproofing (Seventh Layer)

  • HDF baseboard (Sixth Layer)

  • Micro-leveling (Fifth Layer)

  • Primer (Fourth Layer)

  • Base coating (Third Layer)

  • HD printing technology (Second Layer)

  • Polymer coating with anti-slip, antibacterial properties (Top or First Layer)

Each floor;

  • Comes with a thirty-year warranty

  • Is suitable for warm water underfloor heating systems

  • Has a healthy living certification

  • Are FSC certified

  • Are slip-proof and flame resistant

  • Are suitable for domestic areas that are exposed to intensive use

  • Are suitable for commercial areas that are exposed to average use

  • Simple Installation

Simple Installation

The patented CLICKitEASY connection with the ingenious door-lock principle truly lives up to its name: click the top edges of the planks together with gentle pressure, and the CLICKitEASY spring locks the planks securely and easily like a door lock.

Installing CLICKitEASY brings genuine advantages:

  • Particularly convenient and simple assembly

  • Extremely quick and clean installation

  • Installation without any hammers or tapping block

  • No material damage

  • Strong connections at the top and longitudinal edges

  • Easy removal, should it ever prove necessary

Renovation Made Easy

If you are ready to replace your carpets or current hardwood flooring, Avatara® Floors are the smartest choice;

  • Top of the line materials resulting in excellent flooring

  • Easy installation

  • Easy upkeep

  • Unique look with every plank

  • Warmth to the barefoot

  • 30-year warranty

All excellent reasons to consider installing Avatara MultiSense Flooring in your home during renovations.

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Avatara® Flooring Editions and Colours

Regardless of the colour you are looking for, finding it will be easy. Simply use suppliers as wood4floors to find what you are looking for.

Pure Edition (Bright and Fresh)

Capture the situations that you want to hold on to forever, feeling the wind through your hair, allowing yourself to relax for the first time during the day, concentrating on the here and now. This captures the purpose behind Avatara’s Pure Edition, creating a floor that makes your room you own personal oasis, where you can find peace of mind and balance shutting out the stresses of the day. More and more people are focusing on the art of interior design to create the perfect oasis for you and your family.

Pure EditionAvatara– MultiSense-Floor® features bright, rather cool shadeswhich can be combined with many interior design styles andare very versatile. They make for a light lifestyle, for a perfectbasis for relaxing and connecting to our inner self.”

Bright Edition (Beige Brown and Friendly)

Waking up in the morning knowing that today will be filled with great experiences, facing the day with vigor, taking a minute for yourself before the demands of the day come knocking at the door, just being in the now. Taking a long, deep breath allowing yourself to take in your surroundings, garnering your strength for the day’s activities that lay ahead, putting yourself in a positive mindset for your day so you can make important decisions.

When it is time to take a break and recharge and restore peace of mind and balance some visit nature to experience its tranquility that offers a healing touch. Imagine the first sight of the day is the diversity that nature shares with us every day.

Bright Edition Avatara®-Floor® features soft, warm colours which radiatethis naturalness and quiet effect. They bring nature from outsideinto our home.”

City Edition (Grey and Purist)

There is no denying the fast pace of the world today, our lives, routines, and cities that we live in are constantly growing, moving, and requiring our attention. Sometimes you may even feel guilty if you need to stop to catch your breath for a moment. Surrounding yourself with invigorating, inspiring and motivating items makes perfect sense, this is where Avatara MultiSense Flooring City Edition comes in. Just like life in the city, the City Edition personifies increasing diversity, embracing different styles and making clear statements.

City Edition Avatara– MultiSense-Floor® stands out dueto the modern design in elegant grey shades. In perfect arrangement, modern grey creates a warm effect with acosyambiance. Especially when combined with coloured furniture, grey is an ideal basis and enables you to bringt hat urban feeling to your own city.”

Resistant to Staining and Easy to Clean

Taking care of your floor once it is installed does not require hours of your time, nor should it be considered a major project. Avatara® Wood Flooring is easy to clean and stain resistant.

Regular Cleaning

Using the specially designed cleaning products from ter Hurne, regular cleaning is completed in one step; dilute the correct cleaning product in water and clean! The floor will be cleaned and polished in one simple no nonsense step.

Maintenance and Follow-Up Cleaning

It is recommended that you refresh the floors to protect their quality with ter Hurne Care and maintenance products

Excellent for Your Home, Perfect for Your Office

Wonderful for home, sensible for business,  Avatara®  man-made Wood Flooring will provide the professional clean look with the durability of handling heavy traffic with no issues. Investing in this flooring for business purposes can decrease costs;

  • Because of its durability, it will not need to be replaced for years

  • It cleans easily allowing savings on professional floor cleaning services

Defining Your Home’s Character

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Finding the right flooring for your home is important. Whether you are renovating or preparing to move, the floor you decide to lay will make a statement about your taste and style. It can also make your rooms look more spacious, airier, and sophisticated. More and more consumers are looking for the perfect flooring solution that can be used throughout their entire home, Avatara® Flooring offers style, comfort, and durability that can’t be found anywhere else. Its character makes it perfect for every room in your home, creating a décor that will be appreciated by everyone who experiences it. Finally, a floor that possesses an elegance that will enhance the living space you have worked hard to create for your family that is easy to manage and will last a lifetime.

Wood4floors are London Importers of Avatara® high performance wood floors


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