We all know that German brands exude quality and we have over 100 designs in our showroom from ter Hurne, Meister, but also Villeroy and Boch, Egger and Haro too. These are famous quality brands of Laminate flooring in Germany and are now available from us in the UK at our London showroom and on our website wood4floors. Ter Hurne in particular live up to their motto – Unique as Life Itself – synonymous with German consumers for Brand name quality, the highest of standards, up to date designs making Laminatboden, as they like to say, visually indistinguishable from wood flooring. Known for their exceptional environmental standards they are manufactured with healthy living in mind – great warranties – antibacterial finishes – ease of fitting. All round Laminate flooring that looks great is durable and easy to clean – what’s not to like with these bonded wood laminates.