Lindura® The Really Hard Hardwood Floor from Germany

lindura reinforced wood flooring

MeisterWerke, Commitment to Home and Family

Lindura® Wood Flooring is the creation of MeisterWerke or “Meister”, a family owned and operated floor designing company located in Rüthen-Meiste, Germany. Known for their environmental consciousness, and their innovative employees they have enjoyed the success of 200 registered patents, all developed in-house, which has resulted in a successful exporting system accounting for 40% of their production. They pride themselves on their history which is deeply rooted in Germany.

MeisterWerke Staying True to Their Roots

Their roots are solidly grounded in the “Sauerland” region of Germany, a fact that they take immense pride in. Supporting the economic stability of the region, 96% of their six hundred forty employees live within fifty kilometers of the MeisterWerke facility that they are currently employed by. Their employees are not the only party that benefit from their strong connection to their community, local suppliers are consistently utilized to boost the area’s economy. This sense of pride and commitment is greatly due to Johannes Schulte.

Johannes Schulte

Johannes Schulte, Founder, and Managing Director MeisterWerke Schulte GMBh, dedicated member of the Sauerland community, has been instrumental to the success of Lindura® Wood Flooring. His ability to recognize and embrace new innovations in the industry has resulted in a variety of environmentally friendly flooring options ranging from parquet to linoleum. In 2014, the popular Lindura® Wood Flooring (inspired by the introduction wood powder) was introduced by Mr. Schulte, making him the first innovator in the mass production of wood powder.

Wood Powder Technology

Wood powder is a mixture consisting of fine wood fibers and other naturally occurring elements that was invented by Välinge, a Swedish-based company. Johannes Schulte saw the benefit that this powder could offer almost immediately and began developing a system for mass production of this powder, today we refer to it as wood powder technology. The result of this technology was the creation of an elegant wood flooring that has increased durability and easily is installed.

Wood Powder Technology Combined with Real Wood Covered Layers

The combination of wood powder and real wood covered layers, referred to as “intelligent structure” has made Lindura® Wood Flooring the toughest real wood flooring on the planet, their engineers have developed this technique by combining real wood layers with wood powder layers;

Lindura  hardwood flooring sample
  • The base or bottom layer of the flooring is Wood Powder Backing, which will support the rest of the layers that will be placed on top of it.

  • The HDF (High-Density Fiber Board) is the next layer to applied, on top of the base or bottom layer.

  • The third layer consists of a wood powder layer to add additional durability, applied to the HDF Board.

  • The fourth layer is the real wood covering, it can be oak, larch, walnut, or different surface finishes, applied to the wood powder layer.

  • The last step is to oil the floor with Weartec Nature Surface

Once the layers have been appropriately placed together, they will be sealed together through a process that combines pressure and heat, creating a solid seal that cannot be broken. Once this is complete the flooring will then be naturally oiled using Weartec Nature Surface.

The Benefits of Wood Powder Technology

The two layers of wood powder add durability and resistance to the flooring. Many wood floors are not durable enough to handle the wear and tear of everyday life, there is no need to worry about the type of shoes that are worn (high-heels, cleats, work boots with nails or metal particles stuck to the bottom of them), Lindura® Wood Flooring is so sturdy that it is able to endure that traffic without sustaining any damage.

There is also the benefit of increased insulation that is provided by the two layers of wood powder

boards keeping the floor warmer and more comfortable for those who prefer to walk around their home in their bare feet.

Lindura Manufacturing

MeisterWerke and its engineers have dedicated themselves to the innovation of wood flooring and its designs since its inception many years ago. All their designs have been created by members of their team, inspiring and encouraging ideas that will continue to propel them into the future, keeping them at the top of the industry. It is this belief in their engineer’s talent, skills, and ability that is the cornerstone of their company’s culture. Ideas are encouraged, they have roughly 200 registered patents or designs to prove it. Their in-house product development has set their reputation above the rest.

In addition to Lindura® Wood Flooring, MeisterWerke is also responsible for products such as;

  • Parquet Flooring

  • Design Flooring

  • Nadura Flooring

  • Laminate Flooring

  • Cork Flooring

  • Linoleum Flooring

MeisterWerke Partners (Specialist Trade)

MeisterWerke flooring products are available through special trade only, this means that you can only purchase their products from companies such as wood4floors, which has been a trusted partner of MeisterWerke for years. MeisterWerke uses as much care developing partnerships as they do in the creation of their products, only partnering with companies that share their standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

The MeisterWerke Team

The MeisterWerke Team credits their success to their dedication of their five key factors;

  • Innovation

  • System Solutions

  • Team Work

  • Careful Selection of Material

  • Extensive Quality Testing

Every project that their team undertakes stays true to these factors guaranteeing that their customers receive top quality, elegant, and comfortable, flooring that will last for years to come. You simply need to view their product to know that this system works excellently.

They are always on the lookout for new innovative thinkers that will work well with industry leaders to continue their legacy of excellence.

Lindura is Superior to the Rest

The intelligent structure behind Lindura® Wood Flooring design has made it the most durable and robust wooden floor on the planet, each plank consists of its own special format contributing to the beauty and uniqueness of each floor.

Each Plank is Unique and has its Own Character

Wood power technology has redefined hardwood floors into technologically advanced flooring that is unique, durable and elegant. This technology has found the perfect system to secure the connection of cracks, knot holes, and pores that occur naturally in the wood’s surface with the natural powder materials. This highlights the wood’s natural elements further enhancing its authenticity, providing a rustic, unique design in each plank. Each piece’s uniqueness is further evident once they are brushed and naturally oiled bringing out unseen designs and a durability that has never been experience before. If your tastes lean towards a less rustic look, the Matt Lacquered Surface may be preferable.

Lindura at wood4floors hi tech meets nature

Available in Oak, Lurch, Walnut, and a variety of surface finishes the floor that will compliment your home’s décor can be found with Lindura® Wood Flooring and its accessories, which include;

  • End, Transition, Stair, and Joining Profiles and Profile Accessories

  • Underlay, and Fixing Materials

  • Installation Accessories

  • Cleaning/Protective Agents

  • Radiator Rosettes and Door Stoppers

It is also available in two widths;

  • 2200mm

  • 2600mm

Lindura wood floor free sample

Durability Testing

Pointed high heels and athletic footwear are no match for Lindura® Wood Flooring, MeisterWerke tests each of their products in their in-house state of the art laboratory. A metal ball was applied to the flooring using 4,000 newtons of pressure to test its durability. The test was conducted using a standard parquet floor and Lindura wood floors. The results went beyond anyone’s expectations;

  • The standard parquet presented a clearly visible, unattractive dent

  • The Lindura floor withstood the pressure admirably hardly leaving a trace

wood flooring pressure tested at wood4floors

Simple Installation

Using the patented Masterclic Plus installation system, laying the flooring is quick and simple with its non-adhesive connection system that guarantees a secure connection between each plank. This system is available with all Lindura flooring. The easy to follow instructions will have your new hardwood floor installed in no time!

MeisterWerke Takes Immense Pride in Their Award-Winning Quality

Attention to detail and dedication to the production of top quality flooring have earned MeisterWerke one of the best reputations in the industry.

Meister Warrantee

The Meister Team knows that they produce quality with every plank they create, so much so that they provide a 20-year warranty on them.

Please note that the warranty is according to MeisterWerke warranty conditions that can be found at

The Blue Angel

Each of the floors produced at Meister obtain the Blue Angel distinction, the world’s first award for environmentally friendly services and products. You can rest assured knowing that you have chosen a low-emissions, ecological floor.


Wood powder technology produced under the license of Välinge.

Real Wood

When you choose Lindura® Wood Flooring, you will experience the authenticity of wood that only nature could provide.

General Building Supervision Permission

Has been granted by the German Institute for Building Engineering (DIBt)

CE Mark

Meister Lindura wood flooring complies with all European health and safety regulations

Gradings Explained

Part of nature’s wonder is that it is full of diversity everywhere we look, even when we are dealing with the same species of tree. This is especially true when comes to the wood the tree is made of. Even when we are cutting from the same tree we find that each piece has its own unique markings, design, feel colour and personality. When you install Lindura® Wood Flooring you are installing your very own piece of nature in your home!

When we refer to gradings we are speaking about the colour of the wood and the effect it will have in the room of your home that you are considering laying it in. The Lindura® Wood Flooring has been characterized in three grades; rustic, natural, and lively.

Rustic Grading

The term rustic refers to the countryside or rural area, in this case suiting the taste of a consumer who is looking for a country-like atmosphere in their home. The contrast of the darker lines against the lighter shade of brown provides distinctive patterns that are not related in shape, length or any type of recurring pattern. Its design is provided by nature, not manufactured by human means, using wood powder technology the natural character of the floor is brought to life by highlighting the knots and cracks just as nature has created it.

Natural Grading

When speaking about a natural grading, we are speaking of planks that are more uniform in colour, they will contain knots that are healthy and tightly intergrown. They will also contain the occasional cracks that enhance the overall natural look. When wood powder technology is used, it will fill in every knot and crack perfectly. Giving it a softer appearance.

Lively Grading

This grading is used to refer to planks that have surfaces that contain strong colours and structures which greatly emphasize the wood’s natural character. You will be able to see knots and splints everywhere through the wood. Powder technology is used in the same manner with natural grading, it will be used to fill in every splint and knot perfectly.

Beauty and Character

The perfect hardwood floor for wood lovers, Lindura® Wood Flooring creates an atmosphere of natural beauty that will be enjoyed for years. Its light and clean appearance enhances your home's elegance giving it a rustic yet contemporary look and feel that will be enjoyed by family and guests alike. Its lively, rustic character is the perfect fit for rooms that experience the most traffic since it has been created using powder technology. Available in light, medium, and dark colours you will be able to find the floor that will meet your standards. The flooring’s naturally oiled surface finishes are warm to walk on in your bare feet and add to its natural character. Just like in nature, the wood will mature as time goes by developing a sheen naturally.

Lindura the wider harder longer wood floor
lindura at wood4floors

Excellent for Your Home, Perfect for Your Office

Wonderful for home, sensible for business, Lindura® Wood Flooring will provide the professional clean look with the durability of handling heavy traffic with no issues. Investing in this flooring for business purposes can decrease costs;

  • Because of its durability, it will not need to be replaced for years

  • It cleans easily allowing savings on professional floor cleaning services

Wood4floors lindura for cafe

Lindura is Resistant to Staining and Easy to Clean

Taking care of your floor once it is installed does not require hours of your time, nor should it be considered a major project. Lindura® Wood Flooring is easy to clean and stain resistant.

Regular Cleaning

Using the specially designed cleaning products from Meister, regular cleaning is completed in one step; dilute the correct cleaning product in water and clean! The floor will be cleaned and polished in one simple no nonsense step.

Maintenance and Follow-Up Cleaning

It is recommended that you refresh the floors to protect their quality or if you notice areas that are showing signs of wear. Weartec Nature surface treatment should be used for re-oiling after a thorough scrubbing.

Lindura Promotes Healthy Living

Every material utilized is carefully chosen and extensively tested in MeisterWerke’s in-house laboratory. Not only is the floor made of eco-friendly material, the ability to keep it fresh and clean easily also contributes to healthier living.

Once installed the floor will regulate humidity which is another key factor in creating a healthy climate for living.

Lindura Provides Energy Savings

The structure of Lindura® Wood Flooring allows for low thermal resistance if it is combined with Meister Silence 25 DB insulating underlay if a floating installation process is being uses. This will result in the fast conversion of heat supplied to the surface the floor covering on top of a hot water underfloor. This translates into energy savings for your home.

Lindura Is Environmentally Friendly

The environmental benefit in the production of Lindura® Wood Flooring is that the material used has a special carrying capacity, meaning that the raw materials used in production are so abundant in nature and that they can naturally replenish itself that there is no danger of running out of supply. Nothing goes to waste, and nothing is in danger of being eradicated from nature.

They take their commitment to the environment so seriously they had an eco-efficiency study performed by a respected Professor from Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences relating to the productivity of resources and their product-related environmental cost. Although greatly encouraged by the results, they still plan to run further studies looking for ways to improve upon their eco-friendly processes.

Renovation Made Easy with Lindura

If you are ready to replace your carpets or current hardwood flooring, Lindura floors are the smartest choice;

  • Top of the line materials resulting in excellent flooring

  • Easy installation

  • Easy upkeep

  • Unique look with every plank

  • Special Carrying Capacity

  • Warmth to the barefoot

  • 20-year warranty

All excellent reasons to consider installing Lindura® Wood Flooring in your home during renovations.

In the Words of Johannes Schulte

Lindura opens up a new dimension in the sustainable use of valuable raw materials and in the toughness of wooden planks. I am particularly fascinated by the very special look that results from this production process. You cannot even really describe it you have to actually see it.”

Johannes Schulte

Managing Director MeisterWerke Schulte GmbH

Meister Lindura Brochure, 2015

Lindura engineered wood flooring

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