Make a Kingly Statement with a Panel Wood Floor

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Since its beginnings in the courts of the kings and queens of France in the 17th Century, the Panel wood floor pattern has been a staple in the most elegant homes, manors and palaces all over the world. Why? Because panel wooden floors not only look regal and elegant, they have many benefits as well.

What is a Panel Wooden Floor?

Panel wood floors can be laid in any number of patterns from formal to individual diamond patterns with a selection of plain and panels with exotic inserts.

The allure here is that despite the individual differing wood patterns create a bold contrast not normally found in such a symmetrical pattern. This is why the panels pattern was chosen during the remodeling of Paris in the 1800s, bringing the wood panel from nobility to the world.

Benefits of a Paneled Wood Floor

Here are just a few of the many benefits you will get when installing a Chevron wooden floor:

For starters, the plain pattern is extremely sturdy and stable, providing tremendous support for areas that might have heavier furniture or extremely high traffic

Because there are a wide variety of wood colors (in effect making it a neutral color), the decor of the room can be widely varied and changed at whim without clashing with the floor

Great for large and small spaces, especially if the intent is to make the room seem wider than it actually is

The wooden floor’s pattern creates a relaxed, structured feel bringing a calming order to the room

Brings a more classic, elegant and refined look to any room

To find out more about Panel wooden floors, click here Exotic panel right now and make your statement both noble and bold through wood floors.

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