Nadura® German Wood floor tiles – stronger and warmer than ceramic or stone.

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MeisterWerke Undying Dedication

For years, MeisterWerke employees have dedicated themselves to the creation and design of innovative flooring that adds beauty to homes in Germany and around the world. With their headquarters located in Rüthen-Meiste, Sauerland they not only have become an industry leader in the innovation and design of flooring but an important member of the Sauerland community. Living up to their motto “A MeisterWerke masterpiece every day!” they consistently explore new and exciting avenues to improve upon and create new flooring ideas using their cutting-edge technology. One of the newest technologies, Wood Powder Technology, has been instrumental in the design of their line of Nadura® Flooring, which has broken through the traditional concepts of flooring, offering a fresh style of floors that is becoming more and more popular with consumers.

Environmentally Responsible

The materials used by MeisterWerke come directly from nature’s bounty, understanding the enormous responsibility that comes along with using those resources they make sure that their practices are environmentally friendly by;

  • Ensuring that all the materials they use come from an environmentally sound origin

  • Choosing short transport routes when picking their materials

  • Performing tests that ensure that the materials they use are safe to use in your home and around your family

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Pride in Sauerland

MeisterWerke is more than just a manufacturer that is in Germany. They are an important part of the Sauerland community, employing 96% of citizens who live within fifty kilometers of their factory. Boosting their community’s economy is an act they take immense pride in, local suppliers enjoy their business regularly benefiting from the economic advantages they provide.

Specialist Trade

MeisterWerke flooring products are available through special trade only, this means that you can only purchase their products from companies such as wood4floors, which has been a trusted partner of MeisterWerke for years. MeisterWerke uses as much care developing partnerships as they do in the creation of their products, only partnering with companies that share their standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

MeisterWerke Values

The MeisterWerke Team has enjoyed years of success, they believe it is due to the company’s dedication to;

  • Innovation of their employees

  • System Solutions that make sense and are practical to use

  • Encouraging teamwork

  • Careful Selection of the Materials they will use

  • Extensive Quality Testing that results in the highest quality of product for their customers

Every project that their team undertakes stays true to these factors guaranteeing that their customers receive top quality, elegant, and comfortable, flooring that will last for years to come. You simply need to view their product to know that this system works excellently. Consistently looking for innovative thinkers that can successfully work with industry leaders is how they continue their legacy of excellent flooring products.

Nadura Manufacturing

MeisterWerke and its engineers have dedicated themselves to the innovation of wood and various flooring designs since it opened its doors many years ago. All their designs have been created by members of their team, inspiring and encouraging ideas that will continue to propel them into the future, keeping them at the top of the industry. It is this belief in their engineer’s talent, skills, and ability that is the cornerstone of their company’s culture. The encouragement of ideas has resulted in roughly 200 registered patents or designs making their in-house product development extremely successful.

In addition to, Nadura® Flooring MeisterWerke is also responsible for products such as;

  • Parquet Flooring

  • Design Flooring

  • Lindura Flooring

  • Laminate Flooring

  • Cork Flooring

  • Linoleum Flooring

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Nadura’s Unique Design

Nadura® Flooring is a unique blend of stone and wood. The process used to create this tough yet warm flooring begins with the mixture of fine wood fibres and minerals that are compressed together using heat and pressure. Once the process is complete, the result is a beautiful blend of stone and wood that displays the toughness of a rock, and the natural warmth of wood, bringing nature to life in your home. This flooring is a perfect alternative to other flooring options, like ceramic, fine stoneware, and PVC tiles that don’t offer the toughness and style that Nadura® Flooring provides. Offering the same look and feel of those other options but with the added value of stain resistance that ensures that discolouration will not take place makes Nadura® Flooring the perfect choice for your flooring needs.

Nadura and Wood Powder Technology

Wood powder is a mixture consisting of fine wood fibers and other naturally occurring elements such as mineral substance, colouring, and additives that was invented by Välinge, a Swedish-based company. Nadura® Flooring has been made possible by the development of this technology, once the appropriate materials have been blended together, they create a scratch resistant, embossed 3D surface floor that is warm to walk on. Another unique aspect of this flooring can be found in its “intelligent design” which contains three layers.

The three layers of materials are bonded together creating a surface that is hard as stone and as warm as wood;

Once the layers have been appropriately placed together, they will be sealed together through a process that combines pressure and heat, creating a solid seal that cannot be broken.

The Benefits of Wood Powder Technology

Many floors are not durable enough to handle the wear and tear of everyday life, worrying about the type of shoes your family is wearing (high-heels, cleats, work boots with nails or metal particles stuck to the bottom of them) will no longer be a necessity. Nadura® Flooring is so robust that it endures heavy amounts of traffic without sustaining any damage.

German wood tiles structure
  • The base or bottom layer contains the Nadura backing to stabilize the flooring

  • The middle layer is an AquaSafe board that is made from special wood materials (placed on top of the base or bottom


  • The top layer is the Nadura Surface (placed on top of the AquaSafe board)

Two Types of Floor in One!

The engineers at MeisterWerke have created a floor that has two advantages which, until recently, consumers were forced to choose between. The warm appeal of a wooden floor or the robustness of tiles have long been the only options available to consumers around the world. Today, they gave been given another option, the option of Nadura® Flooring, the floor that has both durability and the welcoming warmth of wood.

The Välinge Collection

Finding the Nadura floor that will satisfy your sense of style is easy with their elegant collection, you can choose from;

  • Solid Mineral Collection

  • Wild Sahara Collection

  • Raw Industry Collection

  • Nordic Wood Collection

  • Dark Elegance Collection

Better Than the Rest

Nadura® Flooring provides the look of ceramic or fine stoneware while providing a warm, comfortable walking experience. The technology used to create the flooring has opened an avenue of production for flooring that is an excellent replication of slate, sandstone, and authentic wood structures. Creating an atmosphere of elegant warmth in your home is easy with any of the Nadura® Flooring that is currently available.

Defining Your Home’s Character

Finding the right flooring for your home is important. Whether you are renovating or preparing to move, the floor you decide to lay will make a statement about your taste and style. It can also make your rooms look more spacious, airier, and sophisticated. More and more consumers are looking for the perfect flooring solution that can be used throughout their entire home, Nadura® Flooring offers style, comfort, and durability that can’t be found anywhere else. Its character makes it perfect for every room in your home, creating a décor that will be appreciated by everyone who experiences it. Finally, a floor that possesses a robust elegance that will enhance the living space you have worked hard to create for your family that is easy to manage and will last a lifetime.

nadura wood floor tiles
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Strength and Durability

Anyone who has owned a hardwood, ceramic or fine stoneware floor can readily understand the frustration of keeping it free from damage. For many, the moment between dropping an object and its hitting the floor is an experience that seems to stop time as we know it. Once it hits the first worry is always “Did it leave a dent?” or “Is the ceramic cracked?”. When you purchase Nadura® Flooring you are purchasing piece of mind, accidentally dropping something will no longer be a heart-stopping moment, since it’s as hard as a rock! Why is it so durable?

  • The high amount of minerals used to create it provides the floor with a stone’s toughness that resembles ceramic tiles

  • Unlike ceramic tiles that split and crack if something is dropped on it, Nadura® Flooring can withstand the impact resulting in a small dent or scratch that can be easily repaired

  • The top coating is dyed up to three times which results in a thicker more resilient coat.

For parents who have children that love to play sports, athletic footwear no longer needs to be a concern, it’s so durable that those cleats won’t leave an unsightly mark that inevitably draws your eye reminding you of its existence every time you walk into your room. Nadura® has a patented solid surface that supplies the flooring with a wear and impact resistance that is second to none.

The Floor for Everywhere

Nadura® Flooring is also great for businesses of all types, providing a welcoming atmosphere with a toughness that handles the heavy traffic that is often associated with business flooring. Investing in this flooring for business purposes can decrease costs;

  • Because of its durability, it will not need to be replaced for years

  • It cleans easily allowing savings on professional floor cleaning services

Whether you own a restaurant, diner, office or warehouse investing in Nadura® Flooring simply makes good business sense.


While walking on your Nadura® Flooring you will experience a warmth that can only be offered by MeisterWerke’s experienced design team. They have been able to bring the benefits of nature into our homes by creating flooring that provides warmth with every step you take. This is made possible through the technology that is used to create it, there is such a high content of wood fibres in the floor a person’s body heat is drawn away more slowly than it would be while walking on a ceramic or fine stoneware floor. Just another excellent example of how MeisterWerke uses what nature has provided us to keeps us happy, more comfortable, and a little healthier when we are home spending time with those who are most important to us.

Cleaning is Made Easier

Although all flooring created by MeisterWerke is quick and easy to clean, Nadura® Flooring has quickly developed a reputation for its ability to be cleaned without leaving any signs of a spill behind. There is no need to worry about permanent discolouring of the cement or the joints between the stones and tiles, simply wipe up and forget about it, this also removes the possibility of partial repairs that cause one area to be a lighter colour than the rest of the flooring.

For families that spend a lot of time outdoors, Nadura® Flooring can handle anything that gets tracked in from outside. It contains an anti-slip, humidity resistant surface that makes it capable of handling the most demanding traffic and the dirtiest shoes you can imagine.

The Benefits of Nadura® Flooring

Nadura’s unique technology combined with nature’s abundance has come together to create a contemporary flooring option that provides durable flooring that will last for years. When you purchase, Nadura® Flooring, you are purchasing more than just a floor you are receiving;

  • Authentic flooring boards that are one-off

  • Durable flooring that can withstand heavy traffic and avoid damage if heavy objects are accidentally dropped on it

  • Anti-slipping surface, protecting those you love from accidental slips and falls

  • Simple Installation process that is easy to understand

Using the patented Masterclic Plus installation system, laying the flooring is quick and simple with its non-adhesive connection system that guarantees a secure connection between each plank. This system is available with all MeisterWerke flooring. The easy to follow instructions will have your new floor installed in no time!

MeisterWerke Takes Immense Pride in Their Award-Winning Nadura Quality

Attention to detail and dedication to the production of top quality flooring have earned MeisterWerke one of the best reputations in the industry. They take enormous pride in every floor the design and create, below are some examples of how their hard work and dedication has paid off.


Nadura is the name for a completely new product category that is based on wood powder technology.

The Blue Angel

Each of the floors produced at Meister obtain the Blue Angel distinction, the world’s first award for environmentally friendly services and products. You can rest assured knowing that you have chosen a low-emissions, ecological floor.

Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.

MeisterWerke Schulte GmbH supports sustainable building using environmental product declarations from the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (Institute Construction and Environment (IBU) e.V.). Declaration number: EPD-MWS-20130229-IBD1-DE

Meister Warrantee

They are so convinced of the quality of their Nadura flooring that they give you a lifetime warranty on surface wear in private living areas. You receive products from MEISTER which you will love for many, many years to come because they are so easy to clean and have such a high-quality appearance and excellent durability. A 10-year warranty applies to commercial areas.

General Building Supervision Permission

Has been granted by the German Institute for Building Engineering (DIBt)

CE Mark

Meister Nadura Flooring complies with all European health and safety regulations

Live Healthier

Every material utilized is carefully chosen and extensively tested in MeisterWerke’s in-house laboratory. Not only is the floor made of eco-friendly material, the ability to keep it fresh and clean easily also contributes to healthier living.

Once installed the floor will regulate humidity which is another key factor in creating a healthy climate for living.

Renovation Is Easy with Nadura

If you are ready to replace your carpets or current hardwood flooring, Nadura floors make sense;

  • Top of the line materials resulting in excellent flooring

  • Easy installation

  • Easy upkeep

  • Unique look with every board

  • Warmth to the barefoot

  • Lifetime guarantee

Customer Reviews

The Nadura® Flooring we are using in these areas has proven to be a great choice. It looks fantastic and has proven to be very hard wearing.”

Extreme car manufacturer Koenigsegg

(Ängelholm, Sweden)

Floors with Nadura® are ideal both in restaurant environment and at home. Our guests regularly ask us: what is that wonderful floor?”

Restaurant La’Salis

(Kempten, Germany)

Nadura® Flooring is the perfect solution for anyone who is looking for an elegant, durable floor that will enhance the décor of their home or office. Easy to install, simple to keep clean, investing in any the collections available is a smart choice. If you are preparing to move or are getting ready to begin a renovation, researching what Nadura has to offer is something you should make a point to do, you will be amazed with their selections, check them out today before making a decision on a floor that will let you down.

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