Natural looking real wood floors

Timberwolf Engineered Oak Oiled Wooden Floor London Stock 190mm

Home designers are looking for flooring that looks and feel like real wood. Many of our hand finished floors show increasing textured looks and earthy colours. This creates a warm home feeling and unique look to your flooring.

Textured wood surfaces increase our relationship and interest with the floor helping to make the most of both antique and modern furniture and increase the stimulation of other materials fabrics and painted surfaces. Marks and scratches only increase the history of the wood floor and can easily be assimilated with hardwax oil on natural oiled grained surfaces. Hand scraped , wire brushed, wire cut, two colour washes, smoked, distressed, highlighted knots, sculptured, cross-sawn, fumed oak are some of the time worn finishes available.
Our traditional wood grades portray the timbers natural growing development with more colour flashes, larger knotting, character marks and burrs, some filling and wilder grain allowed, with natural mineral streaks and trace elements from the trees original location. No two pieces of hardwood flooring will be exactly the same in these real wood floors – Great

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