Why should you put the Avatara® man-made wood flooring on your shortlist?


Finding the right flooring for your home is important. Whether you are renovating, preparing to move or adding some extra space, the floor you decide to lay will make a statement about your taste and style for a long time to come.

At Wood4Floors we are proud of the strong relationships that we have with many of Europe’s largest floor manufacturers.

With over thirty-five years in the flooring business now there are not many things that surprise us, we thought we had seen it all, until we were introduced to Avatara® MultiSense Flooring.

Perfect for commercial and domestic use, this one of a kind floor can’t be replicated, almost on a par with nature. This is not a laminate or parquet flooring, but a floor category in its own right.

The uniqueness of the Avatara Floor’s contemporary design lies in the perfect reproduction of authentic natural details. From the changing play on colours, to graining and the fine cracks and knots that exist on wood naturally.

Avatara® The one of a kind man-made wood flooring from Germany

ter Hürne is a German family owned business from the Münster region who have dedicated themselves for more than 50 years to creating and maintaining the highest standards of quality flooring.

Designed to last and add beauty to every room in your home or office, Avatara is a floor collection that combines the latest in design, technology and sustainability shaping a new generation of floors for the 21st Century.

FSC® and PEFC™- Certified Company

ter Hürne understands the delicate balance between preserving natural resources and our need to use them. As one of Europe’s most modern manufacturing plants for floors it is FSC and PEFC certified, sourcing materials responsibly.

Made to be experienced Avatara®

Made in Germany and enjoyed by consumers worldwide, a MultiSense-Floor for all your senses has an innovative floor finish that is as good to look at as it is to walk on.

See, feel and hear the experience of an Avatara floor: it provides warmth, a tactile surface that has a pleasant walking sensation topped with its unique design and acoustic properties.

Beauty and quality have never been so perfectly matched

ter Hürne’s advanced technology creates the most realistic of designs and decors that add an accurate representation that is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

 And may be your first experience of Avatara could be virtual, use the room studio to lay a virtual floor.

Excellent for your home, and perfect for your office.

Look through the Avatara product range here to discover what gives it such unique qualities and don't forget to request your free sample.

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