Avatara® MultiSense Flooring made in Germany, a treat for all the senses.


Taking the time to find the right flooring for your home or office is important, it’s a big decision. Plus, the floor you decide to buy will be around for a while, so it’s good to think about your new floor as a long-term investment. As the exclusive UK supplier for Avatara® MultiSense Flooring from Germany, […]

Are Luxury Vinyl Planks the ideal floor you have been looking for?

LVF1050 Luxury Vinyl Plank Oak Nairobi Brown Wood4Floors

If you are searching for a flooring solution that works just as well at home or at work, then Luxury Vinyl Planks or Tiles have some wonderful features that are worth exploring to see if they are right for you. Read on to learn the basics on design, durability and installation of Luxury Vinyl Planks […]

ter Hürne Luxury Vinyl Planks

ter Hurne Luxury Vinyl Planks wood4floors

Brought to you from Wood4Floors London If you are searching for a flooring solution that works in either a commercial setting or for home use, then vinyl flooring is certainly the floor product that is getting the most attention at the moment. In the vinyl range of flooring products, the Luxury Vinyl Planks or Tiles […]

What makes the Avatara® MultiSense man-made flooring so different from other floors?


Finding the right flooring for your home or office is important. Whether you are renovating, extending out or just looking to change your work place – the floor you decide to lay will have a lasting impact on how you live or work. As the exclusive UK supplier for Avatara® MultiSense Flooring from Germany, it seems […]

Why should you put the Avatara® man-made wood flooring on your shortlist?


Finding the right flooring for your home is important. Whether you are renovating, preparing to move or adding some extra space, the floor you decide to lay will make a statement about your taste and style for a long time to come. At Wood4Floors we are proud of the strong relationships that we have with many […]

How to choose the right floor product for you and your family.

Wood flooring

Choosing the right flooring can be a little bit more involved than just finding the best-looking floor product. There are other factors along with design such as, moisture control, durability, sustainability, ease of installation and price to name a few factors to consider before you make your final decision. Maybe you decided it was time to freshen up your […]

ter Hürne Luxury vinyl planks

luxury vinyl tiles engineered in Germany

Introduction​Introduction ter Hürne Luxury vinyl tiles, planks and wood floors are designed and manufactured at the world famous Münster factory in Germany. For over 50 years they have demonstrated a passion for quality and design for flooring, sold throughout Europe and the rest of the world. The new ter Hürne Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) are […]

Catega® Germany’s SilentTouch™ Compressed wood Floors

Catega Germany's SilentTouch compressed wood flooring

MeisterWerke​MeisterWerke “ Meister” continually provides quality flooring made with the German precision they have become known and respected for. It is evident in every flooring option that is available in their wider range collections. Today, they proudly offer a catalogue of products ranging from engineered wood floors to hi-tech man made flooring . Meister flooring […]

Germany’s Best man-made wood Floors

man made wood floor

​Avatara® The authentic man-made wood flooring from Germany​Avatara floors are manufactured by ter Hurne near Münster West Germany – a unique flooring maker. This compressed wood Floor provides nature’s charm with the latest innovations in the flooring industry, providing each of their customer’s a one of a kind floor that can’t be replicated anywhere in […]

Nadura® German Wood floor tiles – stronger and warmer than ceramic or stone.

Nadura unbreakable warm wood tiles wood4floores

MeisterWerke Undying Dedication For years, MeisterWerke employees have dedicated themselves to the creation and design of innovative flooring that adds beauty to homes in Germany and around the world. With their headquarters located in Rüthen-Meiste, Sauerland they not only have become an industry leader in the innovation and design of flooring but an important member […]


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