Catega® Germany’s SilentTouch™ Compressed wood Floors

Catega Germany's SilentTouch compressed wood flooring

MeisterWerke​MeisterWerke “ Meister” continually provides quality flooring made with the German precision they have become known and respected for. It is evident in every flooring option that is available in their wider range collections. Today, they proudly offer a catalogue of products ranging from engineered wood floors to hi-tech man made flooring . Meister flooring […]

Germany’s Best man-made wood Floors

man made wood floor

​Avatara® The authentic man-made wood flooring from Germany​Avatara floors are manufactured by ter Hurne near Münster West Germany – a unique flooring maker. This compressed wood Floor provides nature’s charm with the latest innovations in the flooring industry, providing each of their customer’s a one of a kind floor that can’t be replicated anywhere in […]

Nadura® German Wood floor tiles – stronger and warmer than ceramic or stone.

Nadura unbreakable warm wood tiles wood4floores

MeisterWerke Undying Dedication For years, MeisterWerke employees have dedicated themselves to the creation and design of innovative flooring that adds beauty to homes in Germany and around the world. With their headquarters located in Rüthen-Meiste, Sauerland they not only have become an industry leader in the innovation and design of flooring but an important member […]

Lindura® The Really Hard Hardwood Floor from Germany

lindura reinforced wood flooring

MeisterWerke, Commitment to Home and FamilyLindura® Wood Flooring is the creation of MeisterWerke or “Meister”, a family owned and operated floor designing company located in Rüthen-Meiste, Germany. Known for their environmental consciousness, and their innovative employees they have enjoyed the success of 200 registered patents, all developed in-house, which has resulted in a successful exporting […]

Parquet Flooring & Herringbone Flooring – Trendiest Interior Designs

Parquet flooring and Herringbone flooring - Wood4Floors

Parquet Flooring & Herringbone Flooring – Trendiest Interior Designs Parquet flooring and Herringbone flooring is one of the trendiest designs in today’s modern era. The love for herringbone blocks is growing tremendously due to its versatility. It is purely made up of wood that consists of wooden blocks of equal size. These wooden blocks are […]

Luxury Vinyl Flooring – Known for Its Durable Rates

Luxury Vinyl Flooring - Wood4Floors

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Luxury Vinyl flooring is one of the most preferred choice due to its attractive price range. On its implementation the bearer could enjoy major three advantages such as: Easy Implementation Affordable Price range High Durability Vinyl flooring proves to be a most recommended option for both home and commercials. Its pricing is […]

Walnut Flooring – Traditional and Modern Outlook

Walnut Flooring - Wood4Floors

Walnut Flooring- Traditional and Modern Outlook Walnut flooring is distinct in its own way as it easily gets immersed into modern and traditional look. It varies in color from plank to plank. Through its warmth and different color variation it adds beauty to once home. Black walnut flooring due to its dark color and property […]

Wood Flooring – 3 Ways It Can Make the Room More Inviting

Wood Flooring - 3 way to make room inviting | Wood4Floors

Wood Flooring – 3 Ways It  Can Make the Room More Inviting Wood flooring is one of the best option for flooring. Maybe you have done everything you can think of to make your home more inviting. You have drawn each room together, creating a welcoming atmosphere with colour, shade, lighting, style, and scent. One […]

Solid Wood Flooring – Crafted from Real Lumber

Solid Wood Flooring - Wood4Floors

Solid Wood Flooring – Crafted from Real Lumber Solid wood flooring is the flooring that gives the real presence and feel of red oak and brass. This flooring product is purely wood product. It is available in the form of giant piece of solid wood. The wooden piece is cut into pieces as per the […]

5 Benefits of Parquet Wood Flooring

Basketweave Parquet wood flooring panels engineered natural oak brushed-and-oiled

Five Benefits of Parquet Wood Flooring One of the most popular types of flooring these days is called parquet wood flooring. It’s made with a selection of different types and grains of woods and placed together to create a look of a pattern. There is no limit as to what size or type of pattern […]