Aesthetics – Wood adds warmth, character and interest to any space. And it never goes out of fashion. With so many different varieties and styles: including species, grade, stain, and finish options, you can get the right floor to complement your property and its interiors.


Longevity – When you invest in wood, you buy a floor for a lifetime of use. Our solid wood and super engineered floors will last 100 years or more. The beauty is, like a fine wine, wood gets better with age – developing an attractive patina over time.


Strength – Because of the thick fibreboard backing our super-engineered timbers are stronger, harder, denser, and thus more stable than real wood – that’s why they can be used for all applications.


Eco-choice – Wood, when ethically harvested is an environmentally-friendly floor covering because it’s recyclable and sustainable. Engineered boards are greener still, because less timber is used in production.


Return on investment – Highly desirable wood floors can add to the value and saleability of your property. 90% of Estate Agents believe they make properties more marketable, 58% agree homes sell for more money – National Wood Flooring Association Survey.


Health benefits – For better indoor air quality, choose wood or vinyl floors. Unlike carpets, they don’t harbour dirt, bacteria and dust mites, so are much better for your health – especially if you have allergies.

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