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Rigid Core Waterproof Planks

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These rigid core planks truly take the place of wood floors for great customer satisfaction. Great with water, wine and coffee spills, fabulous in the bathroom or even a wet room if you has one, simple to clean – antibacterial – durable and fun to live with. They make life with pets an easy one – yes totally pet friendly. They are basically made from a core of 80% natural limestone with a top of vinyl for easy cleaning and comfortable living. Together with great dent and scratch resistance even high heels but look and feel like a timber floor.


Rigid Core Waterproof Planks – one of the most resilient flooring products

A new and very much improved type of luxury vinyl flooring made from 80% stone with a top layer of 20% vinyl in various attractive wood finishes that look like engineered wood flooring - it looks great in the home. This flooring option is one of the most versatile we have seen and can be used in virtually any room including kitchens, bathrooms, basements even wet rooms and is excellent for commercial flooring as well. It copes with water spills, stains and scuffs with ease - scratch resistance comes as standard. True waterproof flooring with underlay combined - these floors can be mopped and even a steam cleaner can be used with many products.

Good for difficult situations even mud rooms - one of the best flooring alternatives where it is difficult to see the difference between wood or indeed hardwood . Many of the surfaces have been grained and textured like engineered wood. Installation is also a breeze with underlay integrally connected to this type of flooring and planks or tiles interlock with a simple patented click system - just make sure the floor is level before fitting. Indeed rigid cores does not crack like ceramic tiles or stone - we have used a hammer to test indentations and we keep a display of the product in a water tank to show its tenacity and resilience to water – yes truly waterproof.

Available in full length boards and herringbone blocks for all types of home improvement designs and floor covering needs.
Floors that will look as good after 10 years as when they are laid. One of the most durable and resilient floors that we sell online. With its own locking system a true resilient durable flooring for the modern family – The Freedom floor.


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