5 Benefits of Parquet Wood Flooring

Five Benefits of Parquet Wood Flooring

One of the most popular types of flooring these days is called parquet wood flooring. It’s made with a selection of different types and grains of woods and placed together to create a look of a pattern. There is no limit as to what size or type of pattern can be placed in a room, which may result in the home owner having many more options than the standard types and grains of wood to choose for a beautiful, finished look.

If you are looking into having new flooring, parquet flooring can be a great choice. Here are five reasons you may want to consider it now.

1. Appealing Appearance:

Parquet flooring has a sophisticated look that can be switched up to match any lifestyle, taste, and look you may desire. Since the pieces of wood are arranged to create a pattern, you can choose one which will appeal to you and bring your room together.

2. Easy to Clean:

Parquet flooring is one of the best options when it comes to keeping it clean. Routine sweeping and mopping will do the job. If there’s a spill, wipe it up. It’s that simple. Parquet will not hold stains easily and does not absorb odors.

3. Durable:

Your parquet flooring will be very durable, and will do well with everyday use; showing little wear and tear over many years. Since it’s made of hardwood, parquet is strong and often offers a long lifespan, sometimes as much as fifty years, in one space.

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4. Allergen Free:

Parquet flooring is one of the best options if you or a loved one has allergies because it does doesn’t trap allergens the way other flooring options can. Since it’s so easy to keep clean, even people who have pets will have fewer allergens in their home if they have parquet flooring. It won’t hold onto the dander pets have.

5. Budget Friendly:

Parquet flooring may be able to fit into almost any budget. Since there are many options when it comes to types of wood used, what finish you want, and what pattern, keeping a low budget is possible.

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