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Caring for wooden floors in bathrooms and kitchens

Caring for Wooden Floors in Bathrooms and Kitchens | Wood4Floors - UK

When it comes down to caring for wooden floors in bathrooms and kitchens, you can do several things to make it last longer. Every season brings new problems for wooden floors but despite all the upkeep, it’s still a very stylish, elegant and beautiful choice.

Like any other bathroom and kitchen wood flooring option, there are certain factors worth considering such as moisture and maintenance. However, solid hardwood flooring and engineered wood flooring can stay gorgeous if you install as well as maintain them correctly. In this article, we have shared some advices on how to take care of wooden floors in bathrooms and kitchens. Read on to find out more!

Caring for Wooden Floors in Bathrooms and Kitchens:

Wooden floors have stood the test of time and it is loved in many interior designs. However, it wasn’t too long ago when homeowners started considering wooden floors in bathrooms and kitchens. It may sound strange to many because we all know that wood floors are sensitive to the changes in moisture, humidity and temperature. Follow these tips to ensure proper caring for wooden floors in bathrooms and kitchens.

1. How to Seal Wooden Floors:

Sealing your wooden floors in bathrooms and kitchens is one of the most important things to do after installing them correctly. As bathrooms have relatively more wet environments than kitchen, you must protect your floors with waterproof seal. It would prevent water from seeping in. Similarly, for kitchen flooring you can seal the flooring as it will give you enough time to clean accidental spills.


2. Waterproofing of Wooden Floors:

As wood in an absorbent material, in its natural state wooden floors are vulnerable to water damages. If not treated correctly, it can cause it to warp, stain and even expand. You can use a dehumidifier or moisture traps to keep mildew, damp and mold to a minimum. Waterproofing your wooden floors in bathrooms and kitchens is also a great option. All waterproofing products come with full instructions and it’s very important to follow them for best results. Also, waterproofing of wooden floors should be done on warm or dry day. The products will dry evenly and quickly.


3. Place Bath Mats and Mops Strategically:

This might sound silly but, do not underestimate the power placing bath mats and mops strategically. It is one of the best ways of caring for wooden floorings in bathrooms and kitchens. It will prevent the floor from water damages. If you place bath mats and mops near the places where spills and splashes tend to happen. Then you can immediately clean it, before it’s too late.


4. Maintain all Piping and Fixtures:

To keep your wooden floors in good condition it is also necessary to maintain all piping and fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens. Because floods and leaks are very serious threats. Even if your wooden floors are properly sealed, leaks and floods can damage the wood quickly. It can destroy wood boards to an extent beyond repair.


5. The Wood Species:

Some of the wood species are naturally less prone to humid and water damages. Softwoods like Pine and Fir are more sensitive to moisture, temperature fluctuations and humidity. However, some of the wood species like oak, teak, maple, cherry, walnut, ash and hickory are suitable for bathroom flooring and for kitchen area.


There is no other flooring option that offers the same beauty, elegance or style like wood floors. But it may not be the best choice to install them in areas prone to water splash and spills. Unless, you are ready for the task of diligent maintenance.

If you are still considering different flooring options of your bathroom and kitchen. Then, choose Rigid Core Waterproof Planks (RCWP). It’s 100% waterproof and won’t require any of the above mentioned caring tips to last for a long time. It comes with lifetime domestic warranty and 25 years of commercial warranty.

In one of our blogs, we had shared 6 benefits of rigid core waterproof planks. Feel free to check out and if you are still confused about your bathroom – kitchen flooring options, then feel free to visit our showroom in London or contact us now. The wood flooring experts at Wood4Floors, will be more than happy to help you!


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