How to choose the right floor product for you and your family.

Wood flooring

Choosing the right flooring can be a little bit more involved than just finding the best-looking floor product.

There are other factors along with design such as, moisture control, durability, sustainability, ease of installation and price to name a few factors to consider before you make your final decision.

Maybe you decided it was time to freshen up your home with a new interior design project, or it could be that you have some office space that needs a subtle design touch for it to become a more productive workspace.

But don’t worry if you feel there are a lot of things to consider when you are buying your next flooring, because the team at Wood4Floors are here to help. We have been in the business now for over thirty-five years as experts in the floor industry so you can trust our advice and experience.

We pride ourselves on offering a professional service, with meticulous care and attention to detail. We have built strong relationships with many of Europe’s largest floor manufacturers over the years, so we always carry an extensive product line at great prices.

If you’re about to buy a beautiful floor with professional installation then you’ll want to make sure that you see a return on your investment and that it adds value to your home. Plus, you are no doubt looking for a floor that must be easy to maintain and durable, especially if you have younger members of the family running around. Or if you keep pets you’ll want to avoid scratches and choose a floor with water resistance.

How you and your family live and use your home is the most significant factor in which flooring you choose. If your family has heavy traffic in particular areas, pets to deal with, and kids running around then you should consider resilient flooring, such as vinyl, laminated or man-made wood flooring.

For example, flooring that is in the hallway should have a “wow” factor, but at the same time be durable to cope with high footfall and the outdoor elements. Flooring in bedrooms, and kid’s rooms should be comfortable for bare feet.  Flooring in utility, laundry and bathrooms needs to be water resistant to avoid warping.

Follow these steps in order help you reach the flooring decision that is right for you and your needs.

1.Look and feel
What style suits your taste and your decor? What do you need to keep in mind with the selection you are making, is there a particular style that you are planning?

What is the size and shape of the room that you need to fit? Is there plenty of natural light or is it dark? Does the room have a particular shape that you need to take into account with the pattern?

3. Use
What do you want to use the room for, do you need to take in account any particular activities that you will use the room for?

4. Materials
Do you have a preference for a natural look, stone or something contemporary like a man-made wood?

5. Colour
Are there any colours that feature in the design of the room you want to integrate into the choice of flooring or it’s pattern?

6. Size
Depending on the size of your room you can use different types of planks or tiles to trick the eye into thinking that spaces are larger or smaller.

7. Durability
Is the floor to be fitted in an area of high traffic or could there be a risk of food and drink spillage such as in a kitchen or dining room or the risk of water spillage in a bathroom?

8. Sustainability
The principle of sustainable economic and natural resources is a fundamental part of flooring manufacturers and their work philosophies, so it is an important detail to check how or where a manufacturer sources it’s products. 

Every member of the Wood4Floors team is Flooring Guild qualified, so we can offer you the very best advice on all aspects of your purchase, from interior design to sustainability.

You can view an extensive range of flooring in our London showroom and warehouse, where you can pick up a free sample and talk with our experienced team of floor specialists or you can contact us with any questions that you may have.

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