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How useful is Avatara Floor 3.0!

How useful is Avatara Floor 3.0!

The redesigned ter Hürne Avatara Design Flooring 3.0 integrates all of the necessities of contemporary lifestyle in one package. This architectural floor’s authentic aesthetics and genuine surface textures are matched by state-of-the-art computerized printing technologies. Avatara Floor 3.0 seems to be devoid of PVC, chlorine, as well as plasticizers thanks to its sole need for low-emission and ecological components. Of course, the flooring has most of the benefits of a designer floor, including a durable and low-maintenance material that can survive heavy use while remaining quiet and enjoyable to tread on. The Avatara Designer Floor 3.0 is available in two distinct variants to suit your specific demands.

Get a durable base

The Avatara Designed Flooring Pleasure is built on a durable HDF baseboard with a built-in cork affect noise barrier. The Avatara Designed Flooring PerForm is made of Talcusan®, a novel sophisticated material made primarily of silicates, chalk, and also the environmentally friendly substance polypropylene. Humidity seems to have no opportunity here; therefore the Perform variant can indeed be positioned in rooms like the washroom or kitchens without concern. SoftSense impacts noise reduction is built into the Avatara Designer Flooring PerForm and is ideally adapted to the Talcusan® substance. Both variations are fast and straightforward to set up owing to their click connections.

Great variety

There are over 30 different decors to choose from. From vibrant and airy aesthetics to organic beige-brown wooden tints and tile layouts that, thanks to their unique structure and true stone textures, constitute real eye-catchers.

As easygoing like a design flooring, as organic as hardwood. ter Hürne’s Avatara floor mixes the genuine beauty of a genuine wood flooring with the practicality of a designed floor. It has a remarkably realistic appearance and therefore is nearly unrecognizable from wood. These are made feasible by a revolutionary electronic printing method that produces a realistic look and textures. Whatever you see as well as experience is comprehensively communicated to you: this flooring is on a level with ecology.

Good quality material

Ter Hürne’s baseboards for Avatara PERFORM are constructed of Talcusan®, an original material. The corporation chose this unique material mostly because it adheres to the firm’s healthy lifestyle strategy. Talcusan® is exempt from PVC, plasticizers, and certain other chemicals because it is made mostly of silicates, chalk, and also the ecologically friendly addition of polypropylene. Avatara is made of the Talcusan substance, that is devoid of PVC, chlorinated, and plasticizers on both the exterior and interior. Furthermore, it is minimal in emissions and environmentally friendly. It’s ideal for stress-free living.

Benefits of Avatara

Avatara provides all of the benefits of a designing floor while also going one step even more with its unique MultiSense Protec surface, which is incredibly durable, scratch-resistant, plus simple to maintain. Our Avatara calmly accepts virtually every stressful situation, allowing you to remain equally peaceful.

Ter Hürne has created 30 patterns in wooden and naturalistic stone textures for Avatara, providing an alternative for every décor trend.


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