What makes the Avatara® MultiSense man-made flooring so different from other floors?

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Finding the right flooring for your home or office is important. Whether you are renovating, extending out or just looking to change your work place – the floor you decide to lay will have a lasting impact on how you live or work.

As the exclusive UK supplier for Avatara® MultiSense Flooring from Germany, it seems a good time to remind you of the unique qualities of this man-made wood floor.

Perfect for commercial and domestic use, Avatara® MultiSense Floor is the industry leader offering a huge range of styles and colours to match your design needs and budget.

Avatara® The one of a kind man-made wood flooring from Germany

ter Hürne is a German family owned business from the Münster region who have dedicated themselves for more than 50 years to creating the highest standards in quality flooring ready for the 21st Century.

Healthy flooring for a healthier home – eco-certified

Flooring plays an integral part in the quality of the air in a room that it is installed in.

ter Hürne voluntarily participate in external auditing by the highly esteemed eco-Institut. Regularly testing the ter Hürne man-made wood products certifies the high standard of safe materials used in the manufacturing of products that you use in your home and around your family.

Avatara is odourless and exceptionally strong due to its high-density fibreboard (HDF) and its final elastic polymer coating that maximizes resistance to moisture, less likely to warp and adds to the tactile experience. With anti-slip and antibacterial properties.

It’s also particularly low in emissions and promotes a healthy home environment eco-certified.


The defining difference between Avatara and traditional laminate and vinyl flooring can be seen during their production. On laminate and vinyl flooring rollers are used to make designs that result in the same design repeating itself at regular intervals again and again.

The innovative floor finish from Avatara looks and feels like the texture of real wood. The decorative wood image is printed directly on to the specially prepared baseboard using advanced high-resolution printing techniques that allows it to reproduce authentic natural details, which no other manufacturer can – apart from nature itself.

A number of the Avatara options have been designed to recreate traditional installation patterns. Various species of wood can be perfectly reproduced, along with the characteristic appearance of older floors. These are created by introducing manually created imperfections hand scraped into the floor panel.

Avatara floors also offer different options to have them installed so you can create the design that fits the style you are looking for. The installation techniques allow the flooring to be laid in traditional fashion or in a modern pattern.


Floors undergo more stress and traffic than any other part of your home, finding a floor that can meet those tough demands can sometimes be challenging.

Avatara® floors provide the perfect mix of nature’s unique designs and the man-made durability to withstand everyday wear and tear in areas of high footfall, even the most active toddler will not be able to damage the floor’s wonderful finish. This resilience is guaranteed with the manufacturer’s thirty-year warranty.

Avatara consists of multiple layers of material, specially designed to offer the maximum soundproofing, reducing room noise plus it’s elasticity absorbs footsteps and helps retain warmth.


As well as beautiful to look at it is quick to install and easy to maintain. With a secure locking system and integral underlay providing a great acoustic to any room and suitable for warm water underfloor heating systems.​

The patented CLICKitEASY connection with its ingenious door-lock principle truly lives up to its name: click the top edges of the planks together with gentle pressure, and the CLICKitEASY spring locks the planks securely and easily like a door lock.


Taking care of your floor once it is installed does not require hours of your time, nor should it be considered a big task. Avatara flooring is easy to clean and stain resistant.

And may be your first experience of Avatara could be virtual, use the room studio to lay a virtual floor.

Excellent for your home, and perfect for your office.

Click here to discover more of the Avatara man-made wood floor range and request your free sample

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