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Should I Self-fit Wooden Flooring?

Should I Self-fit Wooden Flooring - Wood4Floors Blog

Are you considering self-installation but not sure whether it’s right for you? The last thing you want to do is end up in over your head. Mistakes can be extremely costly. Many of the problems people have with wooden flooring are caused by improper installation. And, unfortunately, any warranty you have will be void.

Installation is quite technical, especially with solid wood. You’ll need to properly survey the site, measure moisture and humidity levels, prepare the subfloor, remove skirting, fit round radiator pipes and architrave. Plus there’s lots of equipment you’ll have to invest in – a moisture meter, decent handsaw, jigsaw, hacksaw. If you’re not comfortable with this, you may be better paying fitters.

If you’re worried about fitting, choose your floor wisely. The easiest to install is floating engineered click-lock flooring. Click system boards are designed for self-fitting; they just lock into place so no glue is necessary. The engineered boards float on the subfloor, so they don’t need to be nailed or glued down. The other advantage with this flooring is its low profile means planks fit underneath doors, so there’s no need for trimming.

Self-fitting means you save the cash and get the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself. Most problems occur because the manufacturer’s instructions are not properly followed. For example, buckling because the expansion gap was inadequate, or boards lift because not enough glue was used. The golden rule – if you’re unsure, always get advice.

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