Solid Wood Flooring – Crafted from Real Lumber

Solid Wood Flooring – Crafted from Real Lumber

Solid wood flooring is the flooring that gives the real presence and feel of red oak and brass. This flooring product is purely wood product. It is available in the form of giant piece of solid wood. The wooden piece is cut into pieces as per the requirement. The solid wooden plank can be cut into multiple styles. Some of the available styles are mentioned below:

  • Flat Sawn: It is one of the most common designs. It can be further modified by making minor modifications in grain style. The grain style could be either triangular or horizontal.
  • Rift Sawn: In the rift sawn the material is quarterly dividend.

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After undergoing the cutting process of real wood, it is than processed to kiln that is responsible for drying the wood. The dried solid wood is than sent for finishing. On installation one could feel the rustic and warmness of the home and the office. Solid wood is mostly recommended for the home or office use as it is far durable. One could go a longer time without replacing with flooring. Its natural essence could be felt for longer time period. The major advantage one could get prior to its durability is that it is resistant to dust, allergens and moulds.

There are variety of options available that ranges from different patterns, colours options and styles. It is one of the biggest challenges that come across in choosing the best suitable option. The options include:

Placing floating planks will grants the space for breathing Other than real wood flooring which not the suitable option for many. The other alternatives available are the engineered wood flooring, laminate or vinyl. Underneath are some of the solid wood flooring companies:

  • Virginia mill works
  • Bella wood
  • Mayflower

Oak is the most preferable option due to its strengths and versatility. Installing the solid wood flooring is merely a complex task as compared to other alternatives available. Solid wood flooring is preferred while placing the planks little floating.

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