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Why Use Wooden Floor Underlays?

Why Use Wooden Floor Underlays - Wood4Floors Blog

Wooden floor underlay is installed onto subfloors for many reasons.


It helps to cushion the flooring and therefore makes it more comfortable to walk on. This in turn protects it from wear and tear because it acts as a shock absorber.

Noise reduction

High quality underlays can reduce noise by up to 50%. The cushioning effect described above will also prevent noise when walking on the wooden boards.


Underlay acts as insulation, reducing the amount of heat that’s lost through the floor. This can save you money on energy bills.

Moisture barrier

Depending on the subfloor, you may need underlay with a built-in damp proof membrane to prevent water damage.


Helps to level minor differences in the subfloor during installation.

Which Wooden Floor Underlays?

Whether or not to use underlay depends on the type of sub-floor and wooden flooring you’re installing.

Underlay is normally used with engineered wood floors whereby planks are strong enough to be floated on top of a sub-floor. It should not be used for solid wood flooring. Solid wood is unstable and cannot be floated on top of underlay; it must be fixed to the sub-floor.

If your sub-floor is wooden, you have a choice of underlays. You can select whichever meets your individual requirements. For example, you can buy underlay especially for use with under floor heating. However, if you’re installing on a concrete floor, you’ll need one with a moisture barrier to prevent damp concrete from damaging your flooring.

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