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Bathroom Flooring Guide: How to Choose Best Non-Slip Floor

Bathroom Flooring Guide: Best Non-Slip Floor | Wood4Floors - London, UK

Bathroom flooring can throw up some of the biggest questions while choosing the best non slip floor. It not only has to stand up to regular traffic but also has to hold out against the various changing levels of moisture combined with constant splashing of water.

If the bathroom flooring is not waterproof, slip resistant, easy to clean and to maintain. They can get easily damaged over a period of time. As a result, choosing the best flooring for wet rooms becomes difficult unless, you’ve already heard about Rigid Core Waterproof Planks (RCWP).

In UK, stone and vinyl floor are by far the most popular bathroom flooring choice. But what if we tell you that there is a new and improved version of vinyl floors? A flooring which is perfect for wet rooms and has no harmful plasticize or Formaldehyde that could harm your home environment in long run.

Yes, you heard it right! Rigid Core Waterproof Planks are the latest upgrade to vinyl floors offering you some fresh designs suitable for all kinds of lifestyle.

Bathroom Flooring Guide: How to Choose Best Non-Slip Floor:

1. Choose 100% Waterproof Flooring:

When it comes to bathroom flooring, laminate or hardwood flooring is not the best choice as they are not waterproof. Many people install them because it’s cheaper to have same type of flooring in all the rooms.

Laminate bathroom floorings are tough, scratch resistant and easy to look after. However, they are highly unsuitable for wet rooms as moisture easily penetrates the surface. Similarly, solid hardwood flooring is mostly like to get damaged due to possible warping. Some experts say it’s ideal to have a wooden flooring in bathroom as long as it’s engineered wood flooring. Since, engineered wood floors are made of multiple layers, creating a strong and stable surface. But still, not 100% waterproof.

That is why, the flooring experts at Wood4Floors suggest Rigid Core Waterproof Planks because these man-made floors from Germany are 100% waterproof. RCWP are basically made from a core of 80% natural limestone with a top of vinyl for easy cleaning and maintenance. They truly take the palace for wood floors by providing you great value for money.

2. Choose Bathroom Flooring that Offers Easy Installation:

Installing floors are yet another challenge for most home owners as different types of flooring options offers different installation process. In case of Hardwood Flooring (which we have already concluded to be not ideal for wet rooms) offer glued or nailed down installation process. Fitting these individual boards can be difficult as they change shape when exposed to the changes in temperature. Whereas, Engineered Wood Flooring are less expensive than hardwood floors and sometimes are also available with a click and lock installation, eliminating the use of any adhesive. However, the tongue and groove versions will still need to be glued down.

Rigid Core Waterproof Planks are far easier to install and it’s something that even you can do yourself. Helping you to eliminate the overhead cost that tags along the installation process.

3. Choose Bathroom Flooring that Offers Countless Design Options:

Different people have different ideas for bathroom flooring, after all it’s an indication of one’s lifestyle. And as time passes by, more and more floor designs and styles can be seen inspiring new homeowners as well as renovators in UK.

Unlike other types of bathroom flooring options, Rigid Core Waterproof Plans offer huge range of over 100 styles and colours. So, you can be sure about finding the best floor design to give the look and feel of your dreams. That too, without compromising on flooring quality, durability and family’s health.

These are some of the factors that you should considers before making decisions about your bathroom flooring. The experts at Wood4Floors always recommend Rigid Core Waterproof Plans for wet rooms. However, each customer’s requirement and budget can vary. Also, some of the question that you may have may not be covered in a single post. So, it’s always suggested to Contact Us in case of any query or visit our Showroom in London. Our flooring experts will be more than happy to help you!


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