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Why Wide Plank Flooring?

Why Wide Plank Flooring? | Wood4Floors - London, UK

The charm of wide plank flooring has made it a popular choice among homeowners and for remodeling projects in UK. The term wide plank flooring usually refers to Solid Wood Flooring which are typically wider than the ‘two and half’ to ‘four inches’ wide boards. It is the classic option for people who prefer traditional wood floors with a rustic appeal. These boards range from six to twenty inches in width and that’s how it got its name.

If you are considering to install wide plank flooring in your property, then these benefits and drawback can help you make the decision. Read on to find out more!

Wide Plank Flooring Benefits:

1. Makes Small Area Appear Large:

It can naturally make any room look bigger. It’s not just about the width, the length is normally longer than most common sized wood flooring. This combination of extra width and length tricks the eye into thinking that the area is bigger. So, if you are looking for flooring options that make small area appear large, wide plank could be a part of the solution.


2. Property Value:

Mostly because of their cost and partly because of their current popularity, installing wide plank floors can increase the property value. It can be used as a sales bargain to justify higher price of the property placed in the market.


3. Fewer Seams:

It has fewer seams as compared to other boards. Fewer seams would also mean less interruptions of natural lines i.e., of both – the room and the wood. This makes your flooring to appear wider and gives a better view of vertical grains. Together, these factors can enhance its appearance.


4. Easy to Install:

A single board may take up the space of two or more narrow strips. In other words, wider planks can offer greater area coverage. So, it would take less time and efforts to install them in rooms. This also allows you to finish the installation work sooner and to save money on labour cost as well as other related expenses.


Drawbacks of Wide Plank Flooring:

1. Expensive:

Wide plank is much more expensive than other smaller or narrower planks. Much of its cost depends on the source and species of wood used to produce them. Wide planks must be milled from the trunks of old trees and since old growth forest come under more pressure and conservation laws. The scarcity causes the price to increase thus, affecting the cost of wide plank flooring.


2. Instability:

Specially in unstable climate conditions, due to their large size, wide plank flooring is prone to warping and cupping. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity or exposure to damp conditions will cause any it to warp, with the problem particularly acute in wide planks. Kiln drying is an option to solve this issue but it adds up the cost.


3. Maintenance and Repair:

Regular maintenance of wide plank flooring is similar to any wood floor. Cleaning it with a damp duster won’t harm it but using water or steam cleaner will. Like other wood flooring, its recommended to seal the planks periodically with polyurethane varnish. You may also keep few extra boards around as it can be used in case any replacement of damaged boards is necessary. That being said, you must hire a professional as repairs are not easy.


Should you get wide plank flooring?

When we compare wide plank flooring with other standard wood floors, it looks beautiful and natural. However, they aren’t for everyone, especially for spaces with narrow hallways or for the rooms that’s relatively small.

Homeowners who palace a premium on natural luxury and want demonstrate it, must go for it. Rustic or contemporary design in particular work well with wide planks. If you are still not sure whether you should get wide plank flooring, the flooring experts at Wood4Floors will be more than happy to help you. Contact us now or visit our showroom in London!


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