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How to Save Money on Wood Flooring

how to save money on wood flooring

While choosing a wood flooring for home, it all comes down to the best quality flooring which fits your budget. At Wood4Floors, providing value for money to customers is our top priority. Since, your home flooring is one of the costliest and most long-term investment. You might be looking for tips on how to save money on wood flooring.

That is why, in this post we have shared few ways to save money on wood flooring which can help you all the way without compromising on quality.

How to Save Money on Wood Flooring:

1. Know your Wood:

Before making any decision on type of flooring, you should know your wood. Since there are numerous kinds of flooring options available in UK, it’s always better to ask a flooring expert. Many homeowners have a specific shade and colour in mind. And if you looking for wood flooring with outstanding quality and impeccable finish. Then Solid Hardwood Flooring is what you want. However, the cost of this type of flooring is slightly higher than others. Those who are on a tighter budget, Engineered Wood flooring or Super Engineered Wood Flooring will be worth considering. They give the look and feel of real solid wood floors.

Also, Laminate Floorings are extremely popular in UK for residential projects. It’s durability and design along with the ability to imitate high-end flooring trends. Laminate flooring sure has a lot to offer. And since they are among the cheapest forms of wood flooring, it won’t be that bad of a choice.

On the other hand, Rigid Core Waterproof Planks are becoming favourites at Wood4Floors as it offers great customer satisfaction. They are 100% waterproof and are available in variety of designs, styles and colours. Making them perfect to install in all rooms (including wet rooms).

2. Consider Branded Flooring:

Many would suggest to choose a non-branded flooring but a true wood flooring expert will always ask you to consider branded flooring. This is because, branded flooring companies like Ter Hurne, Dureco Sapphire or Avatara offer decades of warranty and various features unmatched by other non-branded companies. Such branded wood flooring pays for themselves over the years and can add value to your property with time.

3. One Stop Buying:

It’s always recommended to buy flooring and other accompanying accessories from one place. It can help you not only to save money on wood flooring but also can help you to save duplicate costs. Buying from one place will also enable you to save the overall project cost that too without compromising on the performance of your flooring.

4. DIY Installation:

After purchasing the right wood flooring for your home, its installation is yet another challenge. Luckily Rigid Core Waterproof Plans features a convenient new way to install. Allowing you to save a fortune on installation by doing it yourself. Apart from requiring glue-less installation, RCWP are also very easy to maintain. And unlike other types of flooring RCWP do not expand and contract from the changes in humidity or when exposed to direct sun light. Which further save a lot on your maintenance cost.

So, these are few ways you can save money on wood flooring in short term as well as in long term. All you have to do now is pick the range of wood flooring of your choice and contact the flooring experts at Wood4Floors. We have a wide range of flooring suitable for different lifestyles and interior designs. Perhaps, if you have already shortlisted your choices then contact us for Free Samples!


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