Parquet Flooring & Herringbone Flooring – Trendiest Interior Designs

Parquet Flooring

Parquet Flooring & Herringbone Flooring – Trendiest Interior Designs

Parquet flooring and Herringbone flooring is one of the trendiest designs in today’s modern era. The love for herringbone blocks is growing tremendously due to its versatility. It is purely made up of wood that consists of wooden blocks of equal size. These wooden blocks are than aligned in a cross pattern. Herringbone flooring takes shape of the perfect rectangles and is aligned little staggered so that side of a plank meets the other. It is popularly known as broken cross pattern. The pattern was far away started by the Romans in order to maintain the stability of the roads. The design was successfully adopted as wooden floors only in 16th century. The fashion of patterned wooden flooring had only come into existence after the famous Italian craftsman. From then, it was highly installed in castles, palaces and wealthy homes in European countries. It is a pure form of natural wood that becomes the choice for both contemporary and modern world.

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It is installed by doing the modifications in widths of the planks. This would help in presenting the different effects. Contemporary world loves the wide herringbone flooring while urban world prefers skinny herringbone. The variations in parquet wood flooring can be brought up by mixing the wide range of colour options available. The colour mixing ranges from light shades to bright colours. Following are the different types of Parquet panels that differ in ranges:
  • Solid Block
  • Engineered Block/ Panel
The floors have the ability to create the epic floors through its different colours and size range. Engineered parquet flooring and panels are known for the compatibility with floor heating. Oak parquet flooring blocks is also pure tongue and groove fitting blocks. They have tendency to build the ethnicity and rusticity of the floors. Laminate Parquet Flooring highly demands the underlayment prior to its installation. This is done to attain the following:
  • Resistance to moisture
  • Sound proofing
  • Maintaining the level of floor

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