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Things to Know Before Buying Hardwood Floor

Things to Know Before Buying Hardwood Floor

Buying a hardwood floor is a large and long-term investment. Considering that there are many flooring types, not choosing the right hardwood floor can impact the style and value of your home. Sometimes, buying hardwood floor can be overwhelming. Especially when there are numerous factors to consider before making that purchase. That is why, in this article we have shared a list of things to know before buying hardwood floor. It will help you to think through the different wood floor choices and to narrow down your choices to specifics.

Things to Know Before Buying Hardwood Floor:

1. Type of Wood Flooring:

There are two types of wood flooring i.e., Solid Wood and Engineered Wood. Though these two kinds offer similar beauty of hardwood. The essential difference between solid and engineered wood is their composition.

Solid wood floors are made up of solid wood logs and can be installed with a tongue and groove along the edges. Since, it can be repeatedly sanded, you increase its life for quite a long time. But engineered wood flooring is made up of multiple layers. The top layer being veneer of solid wood, gives the look and feel of solid wood floors. However, the base comprises of multilayer plywood or softwood. Usually engineered wood floors come with a click lock installation system. Making it very easy for you to install or reinstall if required.

2. Specificity of Wood:

The species of wood is considered to be one of the important things to know before buying hardwood floor. At Wood4Floors, we have a wide range of wood flooring. Some are soft and sturdy while others are harder and dense. These species of wood floors offer a variety of properties, colours and patterns.

Walnut and Oak are widely accepted wood floors in UK. These floors can be revamped again and again if you take recommended care and measures to protect them from heavy damages.

3. Colour, Grain and Appearance:

Hardwood floors are available in variety of styles, finishes and species. You can be sure to find the best type of floor to match your any home design. In the event that you are going for a conventional interior design, then oak or walnut in wood floors will be a great choice. Similarly, if you have a vintage styled interior, then wide planks with a distressed appearance and defined wood grain will add to the beauty of your home.

4. Type of Finish:

The type of finish in wood floors in among the most essential things to know before buying hardwood floor. Today, there are distinctive gloss levels and finishing styles available in UK, which could change the general look of the wood floor. For e.g., a distressed, wire brushed or hand scraped finish will look totally different for similar wood specie in clear gloss finish. Unfinished floors are finished and sanded on site, giving you the opportunity to choose the type of finish and colour.

5. Cost and Installation:

Wood floors are generally expensive but it also depends upon type, finish and wood species. In case of solid wood, installation is done by stapling, gluing or nailing the planks on the subfloor. Whereas, engineered wood is free floated and uses click lock installation method.

The installation fee is just a fraction of the cost of flooring but also depends on the area of installation and on the type of wood flooring. It’s always recommended to hire a professional in order to get best possible result.


If you didn’t find all the answers, then check out our article on Solid Hardwood Flooring (Pros & Cons) and Engineered Wood Flooring (Buying Tips & Benefits) for more information. It will help you to make more informed decision.

Also, the flooring experts at Wood4Floors will be more than happy to help you. Contact us now or visit our showroom in London!


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